We talk about value a lot... fact it permeates through everything we do. 

Brands as a business asset are the most valuable they have ever been, in the history of commerce.

Developing a strong brand presents a significant opportunity for businesses of all sizes to gain a competitive advantage. If you are looking to develop your brand you need a team to support you through the journey.

We are a group of dedicated and innovative people, focused on delivering products & services that make a real difference to our client’s brands & businesses.

We fundamentally believe that, what we do, needs to make a real difference; change a perception; get the team behind the brand; make a promise a reality; disrupt a market; turn an emotion into an action; drive business and grow a brand.

meet the leadership team


Managing Director/Brand Engineer
Kyle is our founder and chief brand engineer. He has been working in brand development for almost two decades now. When he is not helping clients craft winning strategies, he is developing innovative products, leading the creative team and speaking at events.

A father of two and fitness junky, you’ll find Kyle passionate, driven and literally brimming with ideas.


Operations Director/Head of Digital
Billy is passionate about systems and technology that make life and business easier. He helps develop great digital assets, and products for our clients as well as our internal systems and processes. Billy has been in the IT field for over 18 years and has run IT teams and systems for large scale logistical operations.

Passionate about his family and an avid golfer, you’ll find Billy calm, collected and focused.


Business Development/Client Services Manager
Lesego is passionate about people and relationships. She started out in our creative team just over 3 years ago but quickly realised she would be a better fit in client services. She has helped us improve our service levels and client communication.

A mom of three kids with a deep love for family, food and film, you’ll find Lesego warm, full of life and always willing to listen.

Real people, creating real value for real brands

Our values are integral to our team. Not only as a set of ideals to aim for or dream about, but real actionable statements that we live out each day, in how we behave and interact with our clients, team & suppliers.

Value 01

There is no space for ego, only respect.
This is our no. 1 value for a reason - it’s amazing what you can achieve when ego doesn’t blind the way forward. It opens up the way for endless solutions because conversations focus on what really matters…. creating value.

Value 02

We believe in building value through relationships.
It takes people, not gears or cogs, to make this engine run. Passionate, dedicated, real.

Value 03

When we all put something in, we all get something out.
We are all partners in this, team mates, clients, it doesn’t matter — we all work together to build value.

Value 04

We like an environment that balances comfort and challenge.
The learning never stops!

Value 05

Don’t be afraid to take a risk, if it adds value.
We are up for new challenges be they technical or creative, especially when they build great brands.

Value 06

A promise made is a promise kept.
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