frequently asked questions

What is Brand Value?

Brand Value is very hard to define as a number but in simple terms it’s the effect a company's reputation has on influencing a customer's buying decision. One can go into a lot of detail but it hinges on three main factors:

A Brand’s Overall Reputation

  • Overall business activity (is the company ethical, how does it manage its suppliers, environmental impact etc).
  • Quality of product and customer experience.

Brand Positioning

  • Appropriateness to its target market.
  • Uniqueness from competitors. (How strong is your point of differentiation).
  • Ability to deliver on its promise.

Brand Awareness

  • How recognisable and memorable/shareable is the brand within its target market.

What is Brand Development?

Brand development is an all encompassing term for the development, creation and management of a brands reputation and positioning in the market place. Think of it like building a house everything from drawing up the plans with the architect, conceptualising the interior, to the actual building.

So in short we offer complete service in helping you conceptualise and strategise the way forward, developing the brand assets needed and managing your reputation and positioning.

Do you work with clients outside of South Africa?

Easy one, yes we do.

Firstly brand’s are a global assets and trends are often global. Our process is thorough and takes into account the effects of local market culture and trends while looking at the broader picture.

Secondly with the power of the internet and video chat, consulting and collaborating internationally has never been easier. We have successfully worked with clients in the UK, Europe and Middle East.