What should change and what should stay? That is the question....

    We get it, unlike when a brand is new, there is a lot of risk in changing an existing brand especially if it has a long history. How will it effect our reputation? What will our customers think? Just thinking about it can be overwhelming.

    But we understand how valuable an asset a brand can be and our mission is to make brand change as simple and seamless as possible. Our well proven process considers each decision to change regardless of how big or small. Making sure change is happening for the right reasons in order to minimise the risk and maximise the value gained.
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    The rebranding played a vital role in the company’s transition from being perceived as a small family owned business into becoming a globally relevant and competitive organisation. Kyle expertly and confidently lead us through this process delivering results that exceeded our expectations.
    Bruce Hansmeyer - CEO, Keegor Group
    Some brands we have redeveloped.
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