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Value doesn’t mean ‘cheap’


Just because a brand’s offering is at a lower price point doesn’t necessarily lower people's expectation of quality yet if it looks too expensive this can be equally detrimental. The challenges of branding in a highly competitive market segment and the juggling act of how exactly to construct a message to market a value brand can be quite tricky.

The Challenge

In 2011 when approached to brand this then completely new takeaway concept, we found the opportunity hard to define at first. The space was incredibly cluttered, with the customer seemingly spoilt for choice at first.


Yet the research revealed that there was a gap between well-established chains and the ‘local no-name take-away’. Where the presentation was uncluttered, uncomplicated yet it still having a professional branded image to instil trust in the quality of the product. We also identified a couple of menu options not totally utilised at the time.


The Objectives

  • To balance familiarity and uniqueness.

  • The messaging needs to be simple and uncomplicated.

  • Position the brand as ‘quality at an affordable price’.

  • Branding needs to translate well to store signage and in-store design.

The Approach

During the consultation phase with the client the promise ‘great food when you want it’ was established and the simple nature of this promise became the central theme for the branding going forward.


We needed to balance familiarity and uniqueness. The uniqueness of the brand came in the form of its multiple menu options and each store could be a different combination of menus so we looked at a familiar way of identifying each menu. We came up with a set of characters whose look and feel was inspired by children’s cartoons giving the viewer that feeling of familiarity. It also positioned the brand as warm and approachable.


The visual language of the brand was then expanded upon based on this. Colours were chosen based on the flavour within the menu or on what had already been established in the space, keeping it uncomplicated. Simple yet unique patterns designed to translate the brand’s identity to interiors and packaging effectively.

The Result

The concept was so well received that Spykos sold it first franchise before they had even a working shop to use as a case study. The brand continued to grow and expand from there.


While working with Idea Power, from 2011 to late 2014 the brand had grown to a store footprint of 30 stores and developed four full menu options.

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