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Creating a 'plugged in' experience


For a brand’s positioning to be convincing, it’s critical that the positioning permeates throughout the brand, not only visually and physically but also in the interactions with staff and the service you receive. This is especially critical for retail brands as customers assign so much importance to how they feel, approaching, during and after the buying experience.

The Challenge

In the later half of 2010 Fastrak were preparing themselves for a significant push in terms growing their store footprint. The brand had successfully established itself in terms of the business model having gone from a general purpose store in 2003 selling electronics, appliances and furniture to focusing exclusively on technology. The brand had also established itself well in selling entry-level and mid-range music equipment for DJ's, music groups and venues.


The existing branding did little to distinguish the brand and it presented as a general electronic store which created confusion around the offering. The instore experience was also rather generic and needed a more definitive look to set the brand apart.


The Objectives

After a few consultations with the client including a store tour the following objectives were established:

  • The branding needed to position the brand as ‘affordable technology backed by great service’.

  • The branding needed to be very visible and work well on storefront applications.

  • The branding needed to extend to a great in-store experience.

The Approach

After an initial failed attempt to re-use the lightning bolt icon, it was decided a complete departure from the old design was needed with the exception of the colours.


We had defined a 3-way promise with the client namely ‘quality brands. great value and best service’. Our thinking around what would be required in order to deliver on this promise lead to the idea of being “plugged in”. This idea came to life in the logotype which was rigorously designed and refined for maximum impact, memorability and readability.


After the initial new logo, signage design and some basic in-store branding, the rebranding ended up taking a multi-phased approach between 2011 and 2013. Whereby we looked at every aspect of the store experience from window graphics and backdrops, to informational and product displays.

The Result

The new brand identity was coupled with a real focus on delivering better service and getting staff on board with this. The new branding not only distinguished the brand successfully from its competitors, it ended up being a badge of honour the staff rallied behind to really drive home a better customer experience.


While working with Idea Power, between late 2010 and early 2014 the brand successfully opened 19 new stores. The in-house brand developed by us to leverage off the main brand was launched extremely successfully in late 2013 and remains critical to their success to this day.

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