Getting the 'flavour' just right

Overview For brand’s the ability to connect with their audience with as many senses as possible is becoming increasingly critical to their success. When looking at a food brand one needs to look beyond just the taste of the product itself. The meaning of the word flavour should take on a new dimension.     […]

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‘Beefing up’ on trust

Overview In today’s food market, the consumer has never been more empowered in terms of choice and more interested in the source of what they eat, and how it was produced. Yet misinformation and misunderstanding are equally rife so branding for trust is a narrow and winding path which requires real bravery on the part […]

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Getting to the ‘why’ of the matter

Overview While the makeup and specifications of a brand's product/offering are key to its value proposition, a brand cannot rely solely on these to influence the buying decision. A brand needs also to look at the core need(s) it seeks to fulfil. Understanding its market in terms of the ‘why of the buy’ so to […]

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