You have invested a lot in your brand and want to get the most out of it?

    You have come to the realisation that a great branding and marketing falls flat without an organisation completely behind the brand. You need to get all your ducks pointing in the same direction but you don’t know where or how to start.


    Kustodian is a holistic and agile process. Seeking to demystify brand development making it both understandable and easily integrable into the business development of any size organization at any point in it’s lifespan.


    Kustodian is borne out of the need to simplify a process which has become bogged down with jargon and over complicated methodologies that don’t balance vision with implementation. Kustodian focuses on the key areas only, maximising value added to both the market/user of the brand as well as organisation it serves.


    The process takes a top down all encompassing approach to brand development. Meaning that each segment can be assessed simultaneously identifying the area(s) which need the most work most urgently. This is especially valuable to going concerns as it plays off the value of what is already in place. Also when resources allow, 2 areas can be worked on simultaneously.

    Iterative Systematic approach

    By nature and design the process quickly identifies problem areas and then focuses on the weakest area first. Not aiming for perfection right away but instead looking to improve it by 30-100% (depending on the initial scorecard). Getting it to a workable status before moving on to the next weakest area and so on. This is critical for all organisations but especially ones where resources are constrained.


    The relationship with your brand Kustodian is akin to that of a coach or mentor and hence by nature is focused on empowering and equipping the brand building team. You & your team will be challenged and grown through the process to the point where you can be mostly self-reliant.

    Habit Forming

    Brand Development like many areas of business development is ongoing and cyclical. The Kustodian process moulds both organisational processes as well as mindset to focussing on brand development in a consistent manner.

    Balanced Value Approach

    While a customer/user first approach is fundamental to successful brand development for Businesses/Organisations to be sustainable in the long run any investment needs to be weighed up against potential value return. The process focuses on balancing value added both to the market/user of the brand as well as organisation it serves.
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    My initial scepticism over Idea Power’s approach to marketing and positioning a brand was quickly overcome.... Their knack for balancing brand and business objectives is rare within the agency space.
    Clive Robinson – Managing Director, Curves Africa
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