My Curves, My Strength

My Curves, My Strength

Curves is a brand that is fundamentally built around empowering women. Their core brand statement is ‘strengthening women, inside and out’. The female spirit is also an amazing phenomenon, it combines compassion with power, patience with courage and love with fortitude.

This year we sought to communicate the concept of strength in more than just a physical way. Yes, the Curves Circuit does make you physically stronger, but it’s so much more than that.

The journey of getting stronger, healthier and leaner is not just a physical one, it involves every aspect of our humanity - mind, body and soul. This campaign encapsulates this concept of ‘true strength’ while celebrating the strength of the female spirit.

A behind the scenes look at the campaign shoot with Mrs SA winners.

Backed up with content that both inspires the courage to change, as well as equips with practical tips and advice, the campaign has grown the brand's social media following by 10% since March-June 2017 and consistently seen engagement rates that exceed industry norms by more than 80%.

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