Celebrating Women with Imbizo

Celebrating Women with Imbizo

Imbizo Shisanyama, one of our long-standing clients prides itself in the history of South Africa - its authenticity as well as its many cultural traditions. Each year, Imbizo strives towards promoting the various public holidays through innovative and unique ways so as to capture the essence of what is really being celebrated. Accompanying these topical campaigns, Imbizo hosts events whereby various, well-known South African artists and DJs are invited to perform at the much-loved restaurant. All in all, the true essence of the public holidays’ is captured, and many fans are educated about the great history of our country.


This month one of the most significant holidays - Women’s Day is celebrated across the country. The theme incorporated throughout this year's campaign focuses on the strength of women – admirable strength in the past as well as strength that will continue into the future.


As a creative at Idea Power, I was given the wonderful opportunity to actually work on the Women’s Day campaign for Imbizo. After doing a lot of research on the historic event that took place on the 9th of August, 1956, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised. I knew so little about this powerful march that changed the lives of so many women in our country. “We are women from every part of South Africa!” “We are women of every race!” – these were just but some of the cries that rang out during the peaceful march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria.


Women had once again proven that the stereotype towards them as being ‘politically inept’, ‘immature’ and ‘belonged within their homes’ was indeed outdated. And through this powerful march led by the 20 000 women, they persisted that it was to be done with pure dignity. Many of the women had dressed in their traditional clothing, some carried their babies on their backs, domestic workers brought their white employers’ children along… What was so incredible to read, was that the women displayed such graceful discipline and dignity throughout the entire march – yet they were determined to fight for what they believed in.



For the first time, I felt incredibly proud to know that, as a woman, there is so much courage and strength anchored within us. I think that so many women still believe that they do not have that strength to fight for what they believe in, and that is why we need to be reminded of this significant event in the history of South Africa.



The three posters that were created for the celebration of Women’s Day focuses on the three core aspects, with the headlines, “ I Have a Voice”, “I Have Courage” and “I Have Strength”. The intention of the bold captions and imagery used throughout the campaign was to promote not only the beauty of women but also the many significant qualities that were portrayed by the 20 000 women during the Women’s march. The campaign further highlights that despite it being important to be reminded each year of the historic event, it is also important that the women of today continue to pride themselves by voicing their opinions, standing up for their rights while upholding the courage and strength shown in 1956.


The Women’s Month campaign ran throughout the month of August 2017, whereby the various posters stand with great pride at the Imbizo Shisanyama restaurant. The campaign is furthermore communicated across Imbizo’s social media platforms.



At idea Power we believe that the great women of our country should continually be honoured for their significant contributions to society and the progress of our nation.


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