Celebrating our #BraaiLegends

Celebrating our #BraaiLegends

We have had a strong partnership with our client Beefcor ever since the rebrand we did for them in 2015. Beefcor comes from a rich history of working with quality meat since 1973 and is a brand that prides itself in partnering with their customers. Not only has this become the driving force behind the brand's determination to keep their customers informed about the meat they're purchasing, but they have also integrated themselves with their clientele; celebrating sporting events and specific holidays.

The most recent holiday, Heritage day, has always been an important day on the Beefcor calendar. As it is fondly referred to as National Braai day it only makes sense for Beefcor to take part in the holiday and leave their mark on the celebrations.

As a creative at Idea Power, I was given the privilege to work on the Beefcor Braai day campaign. Like most South Africans, I have known of the history behind Heritage day but not the origin of its nickname. It is no secret that South Africa is a country that is diverse in cultures and Heritage day was put into place to make sure, that as a nation, we unite in our diversity.

After doing research I discovered that Heritage day was named Braai day in 2005. Jan Scannell’s (Jan Braai) branded Heritage day as National braai day as part of a nationwide campaign, Braai4Heritage. Braai day became a popular way to refer to heritage day and even Archbishop Desmond Tutu became a patron for Braai4Heritage in 2007. Tutu claimed that Braai day was a unifying force in a divided country.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu as braai ambassador.

It is well known that food is usually at the heart of culture. This makes it only befitting that Beefcor assists in celebrating our heritage with a good braai. Over the past year, Beefcor’s social media following had grown and now our aim was to have the following grow exponentially. The objective was to create a highly shareable social media campaign and to ensure this was achieved, we created a humorous campaign that truly captured the essence of Braai day.

The theme of the campaign was to both celebrate and show the comical side of the culture of ‘braai’. We looked at the hardcore fanaticism behind braai, the cult of braai if you will. The campaign consisted of 8  scout-type badges and was called ‘Celebrating #BraaiLegends’. These badges could then be awarded to friends and family who fit the badge description. Each badge was created with the idea of encompassing every personality you would find at a braai. From the person who is obsessed with marinade to the person who will make sure no one walks around with an empty glass.


The braai legends badges.

The Braai day badges were then shared as social media posts. Along with the post was a competition element where participants could nominate who they saw as braai legends. To nominate a person they could click on a link that would take them to a landing page where they could do so. Both the nominee and the nominator would then stand a chance to win a sponsored braai on Beefcor. This was accompanied by posters about the campaign in the selected butcheries where Beefcor sell their products. 


The braai legend posters that were put up in butcheries.


The landing page for the competition.


Two examples of Facebook posts that were created for the campaign.

I have to admit while working on this campaign for Beefcor, I could feel the excitement of Braai day stirring inside of me. While exploring the campaign concept with my fellow colleagues, I could instantly see how everyone could think of someone they knew that fits a braai personality. What started as a humorous campaign for Beefcor only stirred a sense of pride in me. Pride in South Africa and our diversity. The pride that we did not need to change what makes us different to find things that unite us. Braai is one of these things that we all share but it only opens up the discussion further on what else we have to celebrate together.

The Braai day campaign ran until the week of Heritage Day. Five of our lucky participants won a sponsored braai on Heritage Day. The campaign was successful in achieving the following:

  • Over 662 902 impressions
  • Over 34 231 engagements
  • Over 416 new page likes
  • Over 314 competition entries

Here at Idea Power, we believe in having a company culture that celebrates our unity in diversity. Our country has come a long way and still has a long way to go but we believe in celebrating every step we take forward.




Braai, J. (2010, August 21). Tutu calls for SA to braai, unite. http://braai.com/past-media-coverage/tutu-calls-for-sa-to-braai-unite/


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