Getting the 'flavour' just right


For brand’s the ability to connect with their audience with as many senses as possible is becoming increasingly critical to their success. When looking at a food brand one needs to look beyond just the taste of the product itself. The meaning of the word flavour should take on a new dimension.



The Challenge

In 2015 we were approached by a longstanding client with a new idea. To bring the full range of grilled chicken and other traditional South African fast food to the township in a hip, high quality, urban street food style package.

The model was already unique with restaurants being conveniently situated right on the sidewalk in the township, offering customers quality fast food they would normally need to travel to larger malls for.

So the challenge was clear - we needed to correctly position this brand as high quality, affordable fast food with a flavour born out of the township itself.



The Objectives

  • To convey the ‘Kasi’ (township street) flavour with a humorous feel.
  • To create something young, vibrant, hip and urban with an African feel to it.
  • Showcase the music, fashion, art and history of township culture.
  • Branding needed to translate well to storefront and in-store design.
  • Speak to customers on a deeper level than just ‘hunger’.



The Approach

From the first conversation with the client, the idea of a whimsical chicken in a box character seemed to fit well with the brand. We then looked at font and colour as well as appropriate imagery to represent township culture.

We set about identifying key elements of township culture looking at elements of streetwear, cars and other items that have become synonymous with representing it. We then, along with the character, developed a series of vector illustrations and colloquial words and statements. These with the use of a vibrant and strong colour palette formed the basis of the visual language of the brand. Which can be applied to packaging, menu’s, wall art, clothing etc.



The Result

The store and brand fitted seamlessly into the township setting from the get go, setting a mood and atmosphere which connected with customers right away. The launch of the first restaurant was extremely successful and has so far exceeded revenue expectations by more than 200%.


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