about us

Our history began in 2007 with a passion for making a real difference for our clients and over the years, Idea Power has evolved into a powerful branding and marketing agency that consistently provides our clients with the best results.

Real people, creating
real value for real brands.

We talk about value a lot, in fact it permeates through everything we do. Yes we are creative and we love creating beautiful work, but it’s about more than that for us. What we do needs to make a real difference; change a perception; make a promise a reality; disrupt a market; turn an emotion into an action; drive business and grow a brand.

real people

Why work with us?

As our clients seek to connect with their customers, so we seek to connect with them. We look to build relationships based on trust, respect, a focus on building long-term value for our clients. We are very grateful for our clients and the trust they put in us.

We consider it a real privilege to look after and nurture such an important asset as their brand, for them.

In turn, they see us as valued partners, not mere service providers and many considering us critical to their business’ success. Dedication, focus and passion are the ingredients we bring to every client. There are times we charge by the hour, but we prefer not to. For us it’s about the value we add so wherever possible, we will give you a fixed cost for your project or retainer, especially to avoid any surprises when it comes to the money side.

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